Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Foldable Oru kayak based on origami technique wows: Kickstarter Project


Anton Willis and team who developed the 12' Oru kayak 'The Bay' based on origami technique have gone one step further: a new kickstarter project concerning a 16' full size kayak for coastal waters, 'The Coast'. From their website: 'The Coast' is where land meets water, where solid ground gives way to endless horizons. We’re excited to introduce the Oru Coast, a 16’ long adventure kayak. Its size and form are inspired by traditional Arctic kayaks, giving it superb speed and handling. It’s capable of serious expeditions and pro-level performance. It’s also amazingly smooth, fast and fun for anyone—even novice paddlers.'

And for extras, 'The Coast+': 'We've created a kayak for the most amazing adventures. Besides having all of the Coast specs and features, it’s designed for even more control, convenience, comfort and safety. An ergonomic seat keeps your back and legs happy for hours of paddling. Extra deck straps and lines let you store gear, and assist with rescues. Adjustable thigh braces give you great control and comfort. An origami-inspired folding hatch lets you easily access camping gear. All of these features are custom designed to our standards of function, aesthetics and innovation. Together, they add up to a kayak that’s as beautiful to look at as it is to paddle.'


The Oru Kayak skin is a double-layered polypropylene, allegedly prepared for 20,000 fold cycles. It doesn't take a calculator to know that’s a lot of days out on the water. The material is tough, resilient, and abrasion-resistant. Sometimes you find amazing things on the internet, but this beauty is really something special. Very tempting to have a go on the modern materials for this traditional arctic kayak.




  1. Rather than a stack of frame components and a separate skin, the Oru is one artfully folded piece of corrugated polypropylenethe stuff postal tote bins are made of.

    David Mathew,


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